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County: Pima
Printed In: Daily Territorial (Tucson)
Printed On: 2019/06/07

Public Notice:

BID NOTICE TUCSON AIRPORT AUTHORITY NOTICE OF INVITATION TO BID - DESIGN BID BUILD PROJECT BID OPENING: 2:00 p.m. Local Tucson Time, Monday, July 8, 2019 1. Title of Project: 10113362 Rehabilitate Taxiway D, Shoulders and Connectors - 2019 2. Owner: Tucson Airport Authority 7250 S. Tucson Boulevard, Suite 300 Tucson, Arizona 85756 (520) 573-8100 Attn: Dexter De Vera 3. Design Professional: Dibble Engineering 7878 North 16th Street, Suite 300 Phoenix, AZ 85020 602.957.1155 Attn: Ryan Toner 4. Nature, Type, and Purpose of Work: Taxiway D is a 75-foot X 5,957-foot asphalt taxiway with structural and erosion control pavement and serves as the parallel taxiway to Runway 3-21.^^ The pavements are showing signs of fatigue since original construction in 2000 and require rehabilitation to extend its useful life.^ Major elements include the mill and overlay of Taxiway D, D1, and D3, Taxiway fillet geometry improvements, realignment of TW D2, and relocation of runway hold position markings and associated airport lighting and signage, relocation of Taxiway D service road. Project includes airport marking and re-striping. 5. Description of Work: The project consists of rehabilitating the full length of Taxiway D and connector Taxiways D1 and D3.^ Reconstruction of the existing 25-foot wide structural shoulders and removing 25-foot erosion control pavement on the outboard edge of the shoulders.^ The rehabilitation of the mainline structural pavements will consist of a 3.5-inch mill and overlay.^ In addition, Taxiway D2 will be demolished and realigned as a conventional 90-degree taxiway between Runway 3-21 and Taxiway D. Associated with the project are intersection geometry improvements along Taxiway D at Taxiways D1, A, and D3 to meet current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards, as well as geometry improvements to the taxilane intersections along Taxiway D in the vicinity of the GA hangar area and Fixed Base Operators.^ Runway 3-21 holding position markings and associated airport lighting and signage at Taxiways D1, Taxiway A, Runway 11L-29R, Runway 11R-29L, and Taxiway D3 will also be located to meet FAA runway-to-holdline distance requirements. Finally, the Taxiway D Service Road between Taxiway A and north of Taxiway D1 will be relocated to outside of the Taxiway D Object Free Area (OFA). 6. Location of Work: Tucson International Airport 7250 S. Tucson Boulevard Tucson, AZ 85756 7. Submission of Bids: The Tucson Airport Authority ("TAA") invites interested contractors to submit sealed bids for 10113362 Rehabilitate Taxiway D, Shoulders and Connectors - 2019. Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. Local Tucson Time, Monday, July 8, 2019, at the TAA Administrative Offices, 7250 S. Tucson Boulevard, Suite 300, Tucson, AZ 85756 in accordance with the requirements of the Bid Documents. Bids will then be publicly opened and read aloud. Bids received after the time designated for opening will not be considered. 8. Copies of Drawings and Specifications: Contractors desiring to submit bids may obtain copies of full or partial sets of drawings and specifications for estimate on request or by appointment. The return of such drawings and specifications shall be guaranteed by a deposit of $300.00, which shall be refunded on return of the drawings and specifications in good order within 14 calendar days of the bid due date. Copies of the drawings and specifications will be on file and are open for public inspection, at the TAA Administrative Offices, 7250 S. Tucson Boulevard, Suite 300, Tucson, AZ 85756. Copies of the Bid Documents may be obtained from Reproductions, Inc., 234 E. 6th St., Tucson, AZ 85705, 520-355-4902, for the required deposit of $300.00. Checks must be made payable to Dibble Engineering. 9. Pre-Bid Conference: A pre-bid conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. Local Tucson Time, Tuesday, June 18, 2019 in the Catalina Room of the TAA Administrative Offices, Tucson International Airport Terminal, Third Floor, 7250 S. Tucson Blvd., Suite 300, Tucson, AZ 85756. During the pre-bid conference, Bidders may inspect the site and Bidders' questions will be answered. 10.Substantial Completion: The successful Bidder who contracts with the TAA for the project will be required to achieve Substantial Completion of the Base Bid not later than 188 Calendar Days after the issuance of the Notice to Proceed by TAA. 11. Bid Bond: Each Bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, cashier's check or surety bond ("Bid Bond") for ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the Base Bid and all Bid Alternates included in the Bid as a guarantee that the Bidder will enter into a contract to perform the proposal in accordance with the Drawings and Specifications. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other statute, the Bid Bond shall be executed solely by a surety company or companies holding a certificate of authority to transact surety business in Arizona issued by the Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance pursuant to Title 20, Chapter 2, Article 1 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The Bid Bond shall not be executed by an individual surety or sureties, even if the requirements of Section 7-101 are satisfied. The certified check, cashier's check or Bid Bond shall be returned to the Bidders whose proposals are not accepted, and to the successful Bidder upon the execution of a satisfactory bond and contract as provided in Title 34 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The conditions and provisions of the Bid Bond regarding the surety's obligations shall follow the following form: "Now, therefore, if the obligee accepts the proposal of the principal and the principal enters into a contract with the obligee in accordance with the terms of the proposal and gives the bonds and certificates of insurance as specified in the standard specifications with good and sufficient surety for the faithful performance of the contract and for the prompt payment of labor and materials furnished in the prosecution of the contract, or in the event of the failure of the principal to enter into the contract and give the bonds and certificates of insurance, if the principal pays to the obligee the difference not to exceed the penalty of the bond between the amount specified in the proposal and such larger amount for which the obligee may in good faith contract with another party to perform the work covered by the proposal then this obligation is void. Otherwise it remains in full force and effect provided, however, that this bond is executed pursuant to the provisions of Section 34-201, Arizona Revised Statutes, and all liabilities on this bond shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the section to the extent as if it were copied at length herein." 12.Costs of Responding to the Invitation to Bid: Any and all costs associated with responding to this Invitation to Bid or in providing a Bid shall be borne by solely by the interested person or firm. 13. TAA's Right to Reject for Any Reason: TAA reserves the right to reject any or all bids or proposals or to withhold the award for any reason which TAA determines. 14. Interest List: TAA maintains an interest list consisting of all design professionals, contractors, subcontractors/subconsultants, and major suppliers who have bid on airport projects. Each firm must complete and submit, with its submittal, information with respect to such firm in the form included in the solicitation documents. The listing of a firm on any TAA interest list is not an endorsement of that firm and does not indicate that the firm has been pre-qualified for airport work. 15. DBE: It is the policy of the Department of Transportation ("DOT") and TAA that Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms ("DBEs") as defined in 49 CFR Part 26 (the "DBE Regulations"), shall have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts financed in whole or in part with federal funds. TAA, in compliance with 49 CFR ^ 26, has adopted a program regarding the participation of DBEs on federally funded projects. Specifically, it is the goal of TAA to ensure that, to the extent reasonably possible and consistent with other legal requirements that: (a) DBEs are not discriminated against in the award and administration of TAA's contracts; (b) a level playing field is created on which DBEs can compete fairly for TAA's contracts; and (c) any barriers to the participation of DBEs in TAA's contracts are removed. A copy of this program is available upon request. TAA has set an aspirational 7% (7% of the dollar value of the contract) DBE participation goal for this contract. 16. Civil Rights Title VI Solicitation Notice. The Tucson Airport Authority, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. ^^ 2000d to 2000d-4) and the Regulations, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full and fair opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award. 17. Buy American Certification. Contractor agrees to comply with 49 USC ^ 50101, which provides that Federal funds may not be obligated unless all steel and manufactured goods used in AIP-funded projects are produced in the United States, unless the FAA has issued a waiver for the product; the product is listed as an Excepted Article, Material Or Supply in Federal Acquisition Regulation subpart 25.108; or is included in the FAA Nationwide Buy American Waivers Issued list. 18. Legal Requirements: The Work to be performed will be subject to the provisions of Title 34 of the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S. ^ 34 201, et seq., as amended). All Bidders and their subcontractors must be duly licensed to perform the work at the time the bid is submitted (or exempt from licensing requirements) pursuant to all applicable laws, rules and regulations. If a licensing exemption is claimed, the Bidder must set forth the basis for the claimed exemption in writing at the time the bid is submitted. In addition, the proposed project will be paid in part with monies to be received from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Arizona Department of Transportation. For grant-funded projects, additional legal requirements may be required as set forth in the Bid Documents and proposed contract documents. 19. Federal Requirements. Any person or firm submitting a proposal in response to this Invitation to Bid must certify compliance with the trade restriction requirements set forth in 49 CFR Part 30, and will be required to comply with the requirements in any resulting contract. Any person or firm submitting an SOQ in response to this RFQ must certify compliance with the prohibitions on federal lobbying found in Appendix A of 49 CFR Part 20. The successful Bidder will be required to assist TAA to ensure compliance with multiple federal requirements, including but not limited to those found in Section 6002 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, as amended, and the regulatory provisions of 40 CFR Part 247. 20.Contractor Qualification Statement: Bidders shall be required to submit a properly completed and certified "Contractor's Qualification Statement" in the form provided in the Bid Documents. ADVERTISEMENT DATES: Daily Territorial Tucson, Arizona PUBLISH: The Daily Territorial June 7, 14, 2019

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