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Public notice help

Where do these notices come from?

Member newspaper of the New Mexico Press Association upload their public notices in batches, soon after the notices are published in their print editions. Each month, an accounting is made to ensure all NMPA member newspapers have uploaded their notices.

This database of public notices is not a substitute for the official publication required by law. You will still find these notices in the newspapers of record for their communities.

How do I search for notices?

To do a quick manual search for public notices, you can select s newspaper and/or enter a search term in the fields near the top of this page, then click "GO".

To have more control over your search, you can go to the advanced search page. Information is available there about the function of each field.

SmartSearch help

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What is SmartSearch?

SmartSearch is a service provided by New Mexico Press Association to ensure easy access to public notices from your local newspaper or from newspapers throughout New Mexico.

SmartSearch allows you to receive, via email, links to the public notices you choose.

How do I choose SmartSearch notices?

If you can find the notices you want by searching manually, you can store those search parameters (up to three different sets) in your SmartSearch account. Each stored search is compared to public notices as they arrive from the newspapers. When matches are found, they are written to an email message and sent to you.

Can I get all the notices from my local paper?

YES! You can choose the source of your SmartSearch notices either by newspaper or by county. By leaving all the search terms blank, you'll be sent all notices from the newspaper or county you choose.

You can also select multiple counties, which allows you to receive notices from newspapers that publish in each of those counties.

What will I receive from this service?

You'll receive periodic email messages, each containing one or more links to public notices on this site. By clicking on the links in the email, you can view the complete notices on this site.

Can I change my saved SmartSearch search parameters?

Yes, you can change them at any time. That will allow you to fine-tune which public notices you receive out of the hundreds that are uploaded weekly.

If you are in doubt about how to change your saved search parameters, try using the advanced manual search to test different parameters, adjusting them until you see only the messages you want to see.

If you can't find all the notices you want with one search, remember that you can store up to three searches in one SmartSearch account. If you can find some of your desired notices with one search and some with another, you can store both searches in your account. And you can turn each of those searches on or off if you wish.

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